7 Places You Can Sell Feet Pictures Online For Easy Money

By Iam B

Jan 10
selling feet pictures

Weird, would you say? But you read it right there are places online where you can sell feet pictures and make easy money in the process.

In fact, if you have nice feet and want to earn extra money on the side, selling pics online can be a very lucrative business.

My inspiration for writing this article came from me reading about this medical student in the USA making a whopping $6,000+ per month just selling photos of her feet on the internet (1). Crazy!

Does it sound like something you could do? If yes, keep reading…

Can you really sell pictures of your feet for money?

Yes, you can really sell pics of your feet for money. It’s odd but there is a big market out there for feet pictures.

Some people are willing to spend money on feet pics because it’s their thing. They just love looking at them therefore they have a demand you could meet.

Is selling pictures of feet illegal?

is it dangerous to sell feet pics

In most tier 1 countries such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand it’s perfectly legal to sell pictures of your feet online.

My suggestion would be to ensure that you are 18 years old or more to venture in this side hustle. More importantly, please familiarize yourself with the law in your country as this practice might not be acceptable everywhere.

There are other ways to make money online you could explore if you happen to be below 18 years and/or your country does not permit selling pictures of your feet.

How much should I charge for feet pictures?

Treat your feet pictures like any other forms of photography. You can charge anywhere from $5 to $100+ per photo. It also depends on the customers and their needs.

You can absolutely negotiate how much you want to charge for your pics.

The medical student I mentioned earlier makes $6,000+ per month which is not uncommon in this industry. This is demonstrated by another woman from Canada (2) who makes upward $90,000 per year doing just that.

According to “Sweet Arches” (the medical student’s pseudonym), it’s as easy as you will think. You need to maintain your feet in and take very good photographs. Remember that your feet will be your most precious assets for this side hustle.

Is it dangerous to sell feet pics?

Well, if you use the recommended channels below to sell your pictures, it should be safe. Indeed, you won’t be dealing face to face with your customers given that all the transactions are made online.

Sweet Arches reported that she had to deal with some wild requests but manage to handle them well. It was relatively easy for her given that she is passionate about feet as well.

She explained that some people love the soles of the feet while others just want to see her crushing stuff.

Obviously, there are some lines she won’t cross in trying to please her customers. One of those lines was a customer asking her to run him over in her car! That was a no, no for her.

Regardless of what you do, don’t take any action that will put your physical and mental health at risk.

is it dangerous to sell feet pics

Best places for selling feet pictures

Now you know the basics of selling feet pics on the internet, including the legality of it.

Many legit places allow you to do this safely from the comfort of your home.

Some marketplaces are dedicated to people with a foot fetish and like seeing feet pics. It’s ok if this is not your thing as other places allow you to sell your photos without dealing with people who are into foot fetish.

Here is a round down for USA and Canada mostly. Check to see if they are available in your country as well.

1.How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

Remember our medical student Sweet Arches? One of the ways she was able to successfully sell her feet pictures was through Instagram.

She did not have any idea of what she was doing in the beginning. After posting few pictures and being mentioned on some big Instagram channels, her following exploded. The rest is history as they say.

As you already know Instagram is primarily focused on photo sharing as a social platform. Given its very visual nature, if you manage to get traction on few good quality pictures you could easily monetize that traffic.

Few recommendations for Instagram:

  • You need to create an Instagram business account

A business account allows you to use Instagram shopping not available with personal accounts.

The way the shopping feature works is to redirect customers interested in your pictures (followers) to a sales page to purchase your pics. They see your feet pictures in their feed, they tap or click on your content and get taken to your website.

  • How to get Instagram followers

The best way to get followers is to spy similar pages to yours and “steal” their followers. Check their active followers and connect with them.  Let them know that you also sell feet pictures.

Try to collect email addresses if you can and redirect them to your website. You need to build of own list of potential customers.

  • Sample hastags for selling feet pics on the gram

Believe it or not, selling feet pics on Instagram is quite popular. Here some # you can start with:

#Feet – 13.9+ million posts

#FeetWorship – 1.4+ million posts

#FeetLovers – 1.1+ million posts

This is just a sample you can start with, but feel free to do some research on Instagram to find even more pages in this niche market.

selling foot photos


Instafeet is the Instagram for feet pics only. It’s dedicated to selling pictures of your feet.

It’s easy and intuitive to use. Just create a profile, verify it and start sharing your pictures. Your goal is to get as many subscribers as possible.

The average monthly subscription fee is $10 to make it affordable for more people.

You can also promote your profile link on other websites in order to expend your exposure

Note that Instafeet takes a 10% cut from your earnings. That’s the costs of doing business.

Instafeet carefully reviews every application so don’t be surprised if you are not accepted. Other alternatives to Instafeet include: FeetFinder and DollarFeet. They are both dedicated to selling feet pics online. Check them out as well to see which one best fits your need. Even better you could sell on all of them!

3.Selling feet pics on Facebook

There are many private groups on Facebook with people willing to buy pictures of feet.

Your best bet here will be to join as many groups as possible. Do a simple search of the term foot fetish or alike to find those groups.

I must admit that Facebook groups is not favorite option, but it does work. You need to be aware of the rules in each group to avoid being kicked out.

taking care of your feet

4.Sell your foot photos on a blog

Consider starting a blog about feet and related topics such as comfy shoes, shoes trends and so forth.

You will need to create good quality content or blog posts filled with your own feet pictures. You may make money by growing your audience and promoting your content.

Some suggestions include leveraging YouTube and other social media platforms to grow your traffic and hopefully monetize it.

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5.Websites that sell feet pictures

There are websites dedicated to photos. They are also called stock photos websites. You can upload your feet pictures on those platforms.

Some sites such as Deposit Photos will pay you whenever someone download your pictures, anywhere between $0.30-$37.4 for a pic.

A quick search on Deposit Photos shows more than 250,000 free pictures so people are definitively interested.

Hereunder some further stock photo websites you could explore:

6.Selling feet pictures on Kik

What is Kik? Well it’s an anonymous instant messaging application.

You will be surprised by the number of groups interested in feet pictures there.

Signup with your email and join as many groups as you can to promote your pictures

7.Selling feet pictures on twitter

There is also a foot photos audience on twitter. It’s more competitive than running your own blog and leveraging Instragram.

You can still make it work if you manage to create a business page with nice header and logo. You will have to grow your following and send the traffic to a website where you store your feet pictures.

Given that twitter is not as visual as Instagram or Facebook, you will have to publish quality content to hopefully increase your following. Ensure that you use some relevant hastags to increase the likelihood of people sharing your tweets.

Top 3 Tips To Sell Feet Pics Successfully

Feet Maintenance

Given that you feet will be your most previous assets in this business, you need to take care of them no matter what.

You could consider a monthly mani-pedi routine if you can afford it or take care of them yourself on a frequent basis.

Your feet need to be clean and dry. Think about the quality of the socks you wear and try to keep your shoes as fresh as possible.

Here are few recommendations for taking care of your feet:

  • Clean your feet: they will look good when they are clean.
  • Exfoliate: exfoliation helps remove dead skin
  • Moisturize: your feet need to be moisturized as much as possible to avoid cracked skin
  • Protect your feet: avoid anything that may damage your feet such as keeping bare foot for a prolonged time or walking on high heels.
  • Polish: a carefully polishing your toe nails will make them more attractive
  • Avoid Blades: using done for your methods to fix feet problems may damage them more. Avoid any type of blades or knives.

High Quality Pictures and Different Poses

This goes without saying. You need to take high quality pics in order to increase your chances of selling more of your photos.

Your main goal is to entice people to buy. Learn the ins and outs of taking good pictures from lighting to good cameras.

Try different settings until you find one that gives you the best output quality.

Learn different foot poses so that you can sell a variety of pictures. This is crucial to making your pictures less boring and dry. You can get creative to assess which posses make your pics stand out.

Protect your privacy and stay safe

Try not to share your face or other parts of your body if you can. You don’t necessary need that to sell your feet pics online.

You also don’t need to talk to your clients unless you are addressing an issue with your order. I know platform such as Facebook and Instagram may required your picture but keep your conversation purely transactional.

You may want to use a pen name if you can like most writer do in order to protect their privacy. Additionally, use a dedicated email for your business.

3 Tips to avoid getting scammed while selling your foot photos

Only send your pics once paid

This is common sense business practice but it’s worth mentioning.

Peer to peer payments accounts

It’s advisable to use a business account when involved in peer to peer payments. Indeed, business accounts provide some level of protection should a customer decide to reverse an order after receiving your pictures.

Avoid overpayments

This is also a common online scam where a potential customer will overpay for your product and request a partial refund.

By doing so, you may lose money. It’s best to not accept any overpayments.

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