How To Make 10 Dollars a Day – 10 Proven Ways

By Iam B

Jan 18
how to make 10 dollars a day

I am sure that you probably dream of making money every day. If this sounds like you then know that there are many ways to earn an extra 10 dollars.

This article shares 10 proven ways on how to make 10 dollars a day.

 Thanks to the development of technology, you can now have the opportunity to earn $10 per day, or even more. You just need to have the right idea and the necessary means.

If you are in a hurry, here is the list of top 10 ideas that work well. Otherwise keep reading more details.

Top 10 proven ways to earn an extra $10 per day:

  1. Take Surveys and Get Paid
  2. Sport Bets
  3. Products Testing
  4. Online Sales
  5. Freelancing
  6. Babysitting
  7. Movie Extra Work
  8. Become a Youtuber
  9. Rent of Sell What is no Longer Useful
  10. Give Private Lessons

Take Surveys and Get Paid

You may not believe this but you can make a little extra cash just by reading emails and taking paid surveys. Many businesses don't have time to read their emails, and that's why they use survey sites so that other people can read them for them.

You will therefore be responsible for doing that and you will obviously be paid. The payout is not big for survey takers but you can easily increase your earnings by registering on as many sites as possible.

You will also be paid to respond to surveys on your online behavior and purchase habits. Nothing could be easier, you are asked certain questions about your purchases and you will be paid to answer them.

The most serious sites in this area are certainly Toluna and SwagBucks . You have to be very careful with the different sites you visit as some sites are a way for scammers to make you waste your time and money unnecessarily.

Maybe you should check out the top paid email sites to make up your mind. You will find sites that pay the most, and of course sites that will not waste your time. Register in as many sites as you want, and maximize your earnings to end up with something to please you.

Sport Bets

sport betting

Sports betting is a very easy way to make money quickly and easily. Sports betting is pretty straightforward, so you don't have to be a sports fanatic. All you need is to know a few good sites that will allow you to easily place your bets, especially if you are an amateur in the field.

You will therefore have sites such as Betway, 888sport, William Hill, etc. These sites offer bonuses that can facilitate your first bets. For example, you will be refunded if your very first bet is a losing bet.

So you can easily make $10 per day depending on the odds of the matches. This is one of the things that you should always check because it is the odds of a match that determines what you can win.

Some sports betting sites offer higher odds than others, so it's up to you to visit as many sites as possible in order to find the best deals. However, note that you should always bet on competitions that you master. By doing so, you put all the chances on your side because you already master all the teams.

Products Testing

You also have the opportunity to make money daily by testing products. More and more products are sold on the market but before being sold, they must first be tested. This activity will allow you to make ends meet.

On top of that you will have the privilege of testing products before they are put on the market. Among these products you can have pharmaceuticals, food products, and even electronic gadgets.

However, you must be careful not to accumulate many products at once, especially if they are pharmaceuticals. This type of product can have side effects, which is why you should avoid mixing them with other products.

So make sure to test one product at a time, and follow the instructions given to you.

Online sales

online sale

Selling online is also a safe way to earn at least $10 per day. Depending on the products you sell, you can build a loyal following, to further sell them all your products line. If you have a knack for crafting items, try selling them online and you will see the results.

Start first with simple but original objects to see the effect they will have on Internet users. Over time, you will be able to expand your network and this is how you will make a lot more sales.

For a start, maybe you can go through online shopping sites like Amazon , eBay . But over time, you may decide to create your own online sales site. It is important that you make sure that you are operating legally as this will allow you to secure your business.

This will reassure  your customers of making purchases on a reliable site like yours. You should also focus on the visibility of your site, in order to attract people from all corners of the world.


If you are gifted in a particular field, especially in languages, you can go freelance in order to have additional income. The good thing about freelancing is that you can work when you want and at your pace.

You will be paid according to the work you do, so it will be up to you to maximize your work in order to have more income. The most popular areas for freelance are translation, writing, blogging, proofreading, etc.

Many sites are looking for more and more translators in order to communicate more easily with the world. For that, you would therefore need to have knowledge of at least two languages and some knowledge of translation. The editorial staff only asks you for one language, but you must know it perfectly so as not to make any mistakes.

You can therefore be paid per word translated or written, as you can also be paid per page. With such work you will easily make your 10 euros per day which will make a large sum every month.

Blogging won't make you money from the start, but over time you can make a lot of money. If your blog manages to gain the respect and attention of many people, great brands will definitely come to you to advertise their products. Plus, you can easily sell your own products through your blog. As for the correction, you will have the possibility of being paid to correct articles, books, websites, and many more.



Babysitting is a guaranteed way to make your $10 per day. Not only will you get paid by the hour, but you also have the option of babysitting as many children as you want. You will have a hard time getting started because it is often very difficult for parents to trust strangers.

The easiest for you would therefore be to start with the children of your relatives, so you can have experience and references. These two points to remember will easily bring you other clients.

Thanks to your references, you will find it easier to babysit your neighbors' children. Over time, you may decide to create a kind of home day nursery, and so every morning you will have many children at your disposal.

You will see that in a very short time you will be able to start your business without even realizing it. Just be patient and persevering because it is with time that you can now earn money easily.

Movie Extra Work

Many shoots are looking for extras in order to make their films more real, and above all, more interesting. Imagine for a moment that someone offers to pay you when you have nothing to do, nothing to say. On the contrary, you may have the privilege of shooting in a film that will win an Oscar in the years to come.

It is therefore up to you to put yourself in search of the shootings, whether it is films or music, the goal is to be able to make your $10 in one day and in a short period of time.

Apart from extra for films and music, you can also play the role of figure or portrait for amateur cartoonists. Art schools are looking for people who can maintain the same posture for hours on end so that students can practice drawing.

If you are open-minded, you can also do the same, this time completely naked. Your pay will obviously be higher, so everything will depend on you. Just search, and especially with different art schools.

Become a Youtuber


You have surely heard of Norman and Cyprien before. These two young people made a ton of money just by making humorous comments about different personalities and current affairs. Youtube has each proposed a partnership allowing them to earn $for every 1000 views they have. According to some statistics, Norman would have generated more than $500,000 thanks to youtube. Maybe you should try to do the same. Even if you don't make that much money, give it a try and you will definitely pay off.

If you have the gift of laughing, the gift of music, dance or any other field, put that gift on stage through youtube. You can end up building a list of subscribers who will follow you constantly, and this is how you will gain your views. The beginnings will not be easy, but you just need to persevere to achieve your goals. It is only with time that you will have as many views as possible, which will save you a lot of money on the internet.

Rent or Sell What is no Longer Useful

You certainly have things that you no longer use or use very rarely, but have you ever thought about making them available to other people? It is quite possible to make ends meet just by renting or selling goods that are no longer needed.

You can sell or rent everything, it could be your car, your apartment or even your old schoolyards. Thanks to the internet everything becomes possible because needs are of all kinds and come from all over the world.

Give Private Lessons


If you are gifted in certain subjects or languages, it would be time to put this gift to good use by giving private lessons. This activity can be done online or face to face, it will depend on you and your availability and your schedule. Private lessons will allow you to easily earn your 10 euros per day because you are paid by the hour and you can give lessons to as many people as you want.

You can for example use Skype to teach your students, especially you can teach several people simultaneously. Since you can have several students or pupils, it will allow you to multiply your earnings and you can only be a winner. So you will see that at the end of a day, you will end up with more than 10 euros.


With the help of this article, you can now see that it is very easy to earn $10 per day. With certain activities and depending on your pace of work, you can make yourself double this amount. All you need is patience and persistence to achieve your goals. So avoid giving up just because you didn't win the jackpot right from the start.

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