FREE 10-Part Video Series Course: The #1 Business Model To Launch 

I have spent a lot  on Facebook ads, launched massive social media campaigns, and earned some money with products creation - but if I lost it all tomorrow and had to start from nothing...

I would build an Email Business (AKA List Building or Email Marketing).

Nothing trumps Email Marketing when it comes to the returns it provides.

Business Model = Email Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

Let me prove to you why I think this is the #1 Business Model to launch.

  • You don’t need your own products. Seriously. Just promote other products as an affiliate.
  • There is very Minimal Risk. The only investment you need is for an autoresponder, a landing page software, and for driving traffic.
  • You are Not Spending Months building a team and processes, writing sales messaging, getting merchant accounts and hiring people.
  • You can literally take any of the 20,000+ Products out there and start making commissions instantly.
  • It has the fastest potential of churning out profit and becoming a long-term business.

And the best part?

You can make 50% to 75% commission just for referring a click. And what happens beyond that is not your responsibility.

  • No customer support hassles...
  • No worries about delivering the product properly...
  • No employees to worry about paying...

So, in summary, Fast execution, Simple model and quick returns.

This 10-part video series course will show you how to successfully start an Email Marketing Business and Earn you first commission online even if you don't have any technical skills.

I recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

You can send me an email at if you need help with any of the information shared below.

Let's Get Started!

LESSON #1 What Is Email Marketing?

LESSON #2 Difference Between Email Marketing And Spamming

LESSON #3 Benefits of Email Marketing

LESSON #4 Different Types of Email Services


Recommended Email Service Providers

(AKA autoresponder)

Aweber (my recommendation):

  • A greater selection of templates
  • Integrates with more third-party apps
  • AMP for email is supported
  • Phone support is available
  • Offers and entirely free plan
  • 30 Days Free - cancel at any time

I have been using aweber for more than 8 years and have been satisfied with their services so far.

GetResponse (second choice):

  • 18% discount or 30% discount depending on your plan
  • Better built-in landing page creator
  • Webinar functionality
  • Competitive pricing
  • 30 Days Free - cancel at any time

LESSON #5 Different Types of Giveaways


Recommended Websites for FREE Giveaways


  • 12,590+ PLR products, including eBooks, Videos and Articles.
  • Largest PLR website since 2008
  • 76,000 members and growing
  • updated almost daily!
  • Free registration gives you free products

LESSON #6 Setting up Your Squeeze Page


Recommended Squeeze Page Builders

Lesson #6 covers mostly free methods of creating a squeeze page. There are good options if you are just started out and tight on the budget. Note that if you have already signed up for Aweber or GetResponse, you have access to their squeeze page builder at no additional costs.

If you can afford a little extra investment you can try out the following paid options for building stunning squeeze pages:


  • This is a wordpress plugin. Assuming you already have a website built on wordpress
  • Created by internet marketers for marketers.
  • Optimized templates for conversions
  • Create pages in real time
  • All-in-one platform for getting more leads and sales on worpress


  • Leader in the market for Squeeze pages
  • You don't need a website
  • Turn clicks into customers
  • Best option if you are not tech savvy
  • Professional looking templates

LESSON #7 Your Follow up Series

LESSON #8 Where to Find Affiliate Products to Promote


Recommended Affiliate Marketplace


  • Clickbank is a leading global retailer and affiliate marketplace
  • You can find top-performing products to promote
  • You can grow your sales with their marketplace
  • Beginners friendly
  • Top notch support

Discover The Secrets Their Clients Used To Earn $3 Billion in Commissions

LESSON #9 Getting Traffic to Your Squeeze Page


Recommended Traffic Sources

Solo Ads

  • Paid traffic
  • Best option to get traffic right away to your offer
  • Beginner friendly
  • Start with 100 clicks and tweak your funnel for conversion

LESSON #10 Profit From Products Launches & JVs

CB Passive Income

The perfect system for your online venture.”

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