How To Use Medium To Drive Traffic To Your Website

By Iam B

Feb 23
how to use medium to drive traffic

You can have the best content or service in the world but without traffic you don’t stand a chance of making any sale online. This is especially true for new websites.

Let’s see how to use medium to drive traffic to your website.

Driving traffic from medium is not that complex once you know the basics.

I am sharing a case study I did with one of my other websites to show how you can leverage the power and trust of medium.

What is Medium?

Medium was launched back in 2012 which has become in a short period of time a reputable blogging platform for sharing ideas. According to Medium they pride themselves as being in the forefront of shaping and sparking powerful conversations for over 170 million readers.

what is medium

A quick look at statistics shows that medium is ranked 255 globally and 14 in its category. The site gets a whopping 223.16M total visits per month as of January 2021. This traffic is growing overtime.

As you can see, publishing a quality article on medium can definitively drive some tons of traffic to your website, services or products.

How to get traffic from medium?

The easiest way to get traffic from medium is to publish your content on the site with a link or reference back to your own website.

This is usually enough to get the ball rolling and you don’t necessarily have to engage with readers, influencers and so forth (although it might help).

The caveat here though is to write quality content to stand out. Spam alike content will likely have you banned from the platform.

When it comes to content publishing you have two options:

Republishing your content

You will be surprised to learn that medium makes it so easy to republish your content on their platform. Indeed, it has a feature allowing you to quickly and easily import a previously publish content on medium.

It’s quick. Create and complete your profile on medium. Click on your picture in top right corner then select “stories”. This will prompt you to either “import a story” or “write a story”.

import content on medium

Select import and follow the instructions. You need to ensure that you only import content that you own. Please familiarize yourself with Medium terms, conditions and policies to avoid being banned from the platform.

I hear you already saying wouldn’t that be considered duplicate content in the eyes of search engines like google.

I am glad you asked! Although this is a valid concern, it has no impact when it comes to medium. It’s such a massive platform that when you republish your content, they automatically create a canonical tag.

What this tag does is to tell google and other search engines that they need to point to your website which has the original content. That way you won’t receive any penalty for duplicate content.

Write a story

I used this option for my case study. Let’s dive into what I did exactly so that you can replicate the same for your website, should you choose to.

I put up a quiz funnel on my personal development website at


When visitors complete the quiz is presents them with an affiliate offer on the results page. I also capture email addresses for follow up.

This is an intermediary type of sales funnel.

I decided to write a high-quality content on a related topic on medium then direct readers to my quiz lander.

I picked “signs your manifestation is close – the top 3 clues” a 1,127 words article which takes roughly 5 min to read.

How did this article perform?

Well according to my stats in medium over a lifetime period I had 1.1k views with 316 reads which equates to a 26% read ratio. This is since the article was published on August 9, 2020 and I am writing these lines on February 23rd, 2021 (roughly 7 months).

The first 30 days after publishing the article, i had only 6 views and 1 read as shown below:


From there on, the views kept increasing so did the reads averaging 487 per 30 days with 125 reads as seen below:


The beauty of this strategy is that i did not do any link building, commenting outreach or whatsoever seo techniques. 

Here is the latest screenshot of traffic on this particular article. You will also notice that the other two articles of mine did not perform that well.


Now you know how you can leverage medium to drive targeted traffic to your website. Remember to focus on quality content and more importantly be compliant with medium terms and services.

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