How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money Without a Website For Beginners

By Iam B

Apr 12
How do affiliate marketers make money without a website for beginners

When we talk about affiliate marketing, it is in most cases linked to a website. Maybe you don't want to create a website but still want to get started in affiliate marketing? You may be wondering if it’s possible at all and more importantly How do affiliate marketers make money without a website for beginners? Let’s dig into this guide for beginners.

# 1 Affiliate marketing without a site with YouTube

Affiliating through YouTube looks pretty straightforward on paper. Start by creating a YouTube account / channel. Once done, you just have to make a video about a product and insert your affiliate link there. So in theory, it's very simple.

In reality, you have to own each product, shoot a video (write the script, shoot it, edit it ...), be comfortable in front of the camera, take pictures...

How To do affiliate marketing Without A Site And Make Money On YouTube?

Obtaining the promoted product is not a must

If you own the product, you will be able to show it "real life". This is not a must, even though it’s advisable to have full knowledge of the product to talk about facts.

You can use royalty free photos or videos of the said product. Likewise if you are promoting a service, you will not have anything physical to present. The key will be to present it in a complete and convincing way.

Write your video script

Whether you have the product in your hands or not, what you say about it is going to be decisive in generating sales. Take special care in describing this product, give all the positive points and emphasize its usefulness and even the need to have it. You need to generate the need with your audience and show how it addresses one of their problem.

Take care of the assembly

Beyond creating desire and arousing the need with your words, you must seduce with the visual and the audio. Think that people will WATCH and LISTEN to your video.

Be sure to choose a pleasant soundtrack, master your voice, your flow and your speech. Likewise for the visual, make beautiful transitions, choose a pleasant shooting frame in line with your subject.

Learn how to properly reference your video

Use the right keywords: targeted keywords but broad enough to stick to a maximum of searches. Also choose an attractive title, which is impactful and specific to the topic being addressed. Prefer rather short titles which can entice the user to click on your video.

Affiliate marketing through YouTube, if done right, is a great way to generate good income.


  • Put multiple affiliate links on the same video. You can insert it directly on the video but also in the description concerning the equipment used, the clothes worn, your decoration or the services that you mention in the video ...
  • You can generate a very loyal community, which will feel like they know you better than through a blog.
  • Competition is often less fierce on Youtube than on google (via a blog therefore).


  • Competitive market. Find out for yourself the number of videos on a specific topic available on this platform.
  • Driving traffic to your channel can take time.

# 2 How do affiliate marketers make money without a website for beginners - using Facebook

Setting up a Facebook page for the purpose of affiliate business will not be the most profitable way.

You can pin a post to your Facebook page to put an affiliate link there. Some will even go so far as to write comments all over the place with their links. You are more likely to come across as a spammer rather than selling the product.

The most effective way on Facebook is to create a Facebook group

  • Create a group around your niche market: beauty, animals, books, football, dogs, blogging, unicorns, fashion, decoration, etc ...
  • Invite people who are interested in the topic to join your page.
  • Publish posts where you can insert your affiliate links.
  • Members of your group will be notified of your post, unlike posts on a regular Facebook page which have been less popular in recent years.


  • It's an easy-to-use platform that can serve as a “supplement” in your affiliate business.
  • By creating a group, you can create a community with the aim of bringing them to other platforms where you distribute your affiliate links.


  • It is difficult to promote a product on this network. Indeed, the people present on Facebook are not registered there in order to buy a product or a service.

# 3 Affiliate without a site with Instagram

Instagram is a social network that it better suited for affiliate marketing. It is also a practice that is already quite widespread there.

Don't try to become a big influencer, at least not right away. Create a community and build trust that will then allow you to sell.

So proceed in stages

  • Create your professional Instagram account.
  • Pick a niche you are passionate about.
  • Showcase what you do in your bio.
  • Regularly post quality content with both photography and your text.
  • Choose specific hashtags so that they are not drowned in the mass but general enough that they are searched by users.
  • Unite a community by interacting with them, talk to them in a story, create surveys, contests ...
  • Then finally share your affiliate link.


  • The large number of Instagram users therefore a lot of potential subscribers.
  • Instagram brews a relatively young audience (16-35 years) who know and are used to partnerships, promotions, sponsorship. They are, moreover, readily willing to buy on the Internet.


  • Sharing links in stories requires having a good number of subscribers (10,000), so you have a lot of upstream work to do.
  • Creating a community will require you to spend a lot of time on this social network and to be very creative to stand out from the competition.

# 4 Affiliation Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest is less popular than its counterparts but it can significantly boost your business.

Pinterest works with pins which are similar to Instagram posts for example. You also have a search engine with your content that is referenced.

Here are the steps to follow with Pinterest

  • Create your account.
  • Fill in your profile by putting as many keywords as possible relating to your niche.
  • Create boards that will be the sub-niches.
  • Create your pins with a compelling title, description including keywords / hashtags and your affiliate link.
  • Pin other user posts on the same topic to have them pin your own.
  • Optional: Invest in paid advertising to quickly reach your goals.


  • Very easy to use with the possibility of organizing its many pins well.
  • Unlimited creation of pins. So you can post absolutely all your links.
  • Your Pin can be viewed several weeks / months after its creation.
  • Very little competition in certain niches because it is still little used compared to its competitors.


  • It is not a good network to create a community. Rather, you will have “passing” people looking for something specific at a given time.

# 5 Marketing without a site with guest articles

A guest post is the act of writing a blog post and having it published on a blog that does not belong to you.

You are therefore going to put on your salesman's costume and have to sell yourself, your project and your article. It is an ideal technique for those who have mastered the art of convincing.

To do this you must

  • Contact a blog owner who deals with the same niche as you.
  • Establish a trusting and healthy relationship with the blog owner. You have the same passion, bet on your common points.
  • Do not try to talk about your article right away. Already value their work by liking and sharing their content.
  • Highlight the blog owner's interest in publishing your article. For example, adding quality content to your blog, sharing experience, being able to diversify your blog by adding a different point of view, becoming long-term partners… It has to be a win-win.
  • Write content that looks like you but is also in the spirit of the owner's blog so that they accept it.


  • You create a network in your niche is always beneficial (sharing of ideas, experiences, future partnerships ...)
  • You just need to write without the hassle of managing the post and the blog itself.
  • Expand your community through the owner's already existing community.


  • You don't have traffic visibility on your article, so you need to trust the owner to give you feedback on your work and the opinions of people who read it.
  • You can build traffic around the owner's blog that will come back to them in the long run and not necessarily yours.

# 6 Affiliation without a site with an ebook

Writing an Ebook is an effective and popular method.

You can write an Ebook and sell it on dedicated platforms (Amazon KDP, Google books…).

You can also write an Ebook and give it away in exchange for an email address. It will then be necessary to create a capture form via an auto-responder ( Aweber , klaviyo , Getresponse …).

You will be able to place your affiliate links all over your Ebook. Make sure they're placed in relevant places and add value to your content.

How to do this concretely?

  • Write the content for your Ebook. The content must be simple, precise and meet a direct need of the reader. No need to write 50 pages on the subject, the reader is looking for quick answers to his problem.
  • Place affiliate links that add solutions to the reader's problems. Spread them across the pages.
  • You can use tools like sqribble to help you professionally layout your eBook easily.
  • Put it on sale or go through an auto-responder.
  • Promote it through social networks to increase your visibility.


  • Writing an Ebook places you as an expert in your field, so it will strengthen your credibility and therefore the confidence of your readers in the products you are going to promote.
  • Your product will last over time, unlike a post or article, Ebooks have a longer lifespan so your work will pay off over a longer period of time.
  • It's good writing practice.


  • Writing an Ebook doesn't take a few hours, it's a longer job that requires a minimum of organization and discipline.
  • You're going to have to dig a little deeper into your research to produce longer, higher-quality content.
  • Writing a book is not for everyone, you need to have certain writing skills.

# 7 Affiliation marketing with emails

This method is very effective but will require a little more work and technicality. You have two methods of advertising: automatic emails or the newsletter.

How to advertise with automatic emails?

  • This is usually one method that you will pair with another. The other method will allow you to grow your email database so that you can then send emails to your prospects.
  • You have to do a lot of upstream prospecting in order to retrieve email addresses from potential customers. Don't overlook this part because you need to build a solid foundation by targeting your audience well.
  • Subscribe to an auto-responder. You will thus be able to create an automatic sequence of emails. Sequence intelligently, neither too many nor too few shipments. Keep in mind that we receive a lot of emails per day and if they are too recurring there is a good chance they will be deleted without being read.
  • Write your emails, keep them short and to the point. Get straight to the point and directly provide the added value for the targeted people to buy the affiliate product.

How to advertise via a newsletter?

The method of the Newsletter will be much the same, except that you will have to create a little more important content and bring new things to each new sending. This method will be effective if your niche allows you to share news frequently.

If you do not have new content to provide in your Newsletter, there will be no point in the reader giving it importance and therefore clicking on your affiliate links.


  • It's a quick way to get a reader to buy the promoted products. By using an auto-responder, you save a lot of time.
  • This is a straightforward way, your audience doesn't have to research their issue at all. You bring the solution to him directly in his mailbox and in notification.
  • You can create an “expectation” of your audience, if you make them curious, people will wait for your next email and will be more inclined to buy through your affiliate links.


  • There are many, many, many mailing campaigns. We delete a good number of emails per day. Some are not even open.
  • Finding the right timing is not easy, you have to stay on the minds of the target people but not be nagging. If you yourself receive a lot of emails, use your feelings as a basis.

You can now choose your affiliate method without a website. Whichever method you choose, the most important thing is going to be to be impactful and create the envy of your potential customers through your words so that they buy through your affiliate links. Which method do you prefer? Discuss the subject on our Facebook group or in comments.

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