Best Autoresponder For Small Business – Our Top 3 Picks

By Iam B

May 01
best autoresponder for small business

This is my review of the best autoresponder for small business. Automation is no longer just for large corporations. Today even a solopreneur finds the need to use an autoresponder. This is the reason why you will find so many autoresponders on the market.

The choice is not obvious, especially as they offer different features and prices. It is thus important to compare the different autoresponders according to essential criteria.

Here is a comparison of the top 3 autoresponders for small business in 2021. This will make your choice easier.

In a hurry? Here is out rundown:

1.GetResponse : Best overall quality/price. High deliverability, Multilanguage and worldwide servers.

2. Aweber: Good choice for small businesses. High deliverability. Excellent reputation. Free plan available.

3. Klaviyo: Best option for ecommerce stores Easy interface.

What is the best email marketing service for small businesses?

An autoresponder has become an essential tool in 2021. This is true for anyone looking to make money on the internet.

An email marketing service allows you to centralize and contact your prospects

All autoresponders allow you to import your list of prospect contacts into the tool. This allows you to send broadcast emails from a centralized location.

One of the main advantages of an autoresponder is its ability to segment your contacts based on various needs. Indeed, prospects will only receive emails that correspond to their area of interest and their expectations.

This is called qualified lists or segmentation.

You can contact your prospects for a lot of reasons:

  • Send information,
  • cart abandonment reminders,
  • offer sponsorship programs,
  • offer exceptional offers,
  • send welcome, thank you, confirmation emails…

Retain your audience

Sending meaningful and relevant emails to the right people improves the retention process. Indeed, a user who receives quality content will engage more as he or she feels understood.

Save time and display a professional image

An autoresponder saves you considerable time. You can thus devote yourself entirely to the development of your business.

A good autoresponder will improve your communication which is essential in any business.

Furthermore, automatic emails provide a professional image. Prospects who receive newsletters may perceive you serious and professional on the internet.

How to choose the right autoresponder

The deliverability rate

If there is one criterion on which you should not make concessions, it is the deliverability rate. The deliverability rate must be high if you want your emails to arrive in the recipient's inbox and not in spam.

This rate will condition the success of your emailing campaigns. Indeed, if your emails end up in the spam folder for 30% of your prospects then it is 30% of potential customer loss.

That's why it is better to look at the deliverability rate of the autoresponder even before the price. This will ensure that your emails get delivered correctly.

When choosing your autoresponder, the first thing you can do is to send a test email to yourself. You can immediately see the quality of the deliverability.

The interface and the language used

Again, before the price, you need to look at the interface and its accessibility. Also see in which language the tool works as well as its customer service.

If you are not comfortable with the interface, you won't be able to create the mailing campaigns the way you want. It's even worse if you don't understand the language.

Most interfaces are in English, if you are not at all comfortable with English, it may become an issue for you.

The same goes for when you have a problem but can't understand the customer service.


We don’t all need the same functionalities. It’s dependent on our needs and the stage we are in your business.

While some people will only need to automate their emails, other people will need to send SMS. Furthermore, some may need to integrate the tool into a dropshipping store.

The pricing structure

Finally, you will take into account the cost of the autoresponder. Indeed, there are various price points on the market. Some tools are very affordable while others are more expensive.

Pricing is thus important because the goal is to not spend more money than you can afford.

You must thus choose the autoresponder that offers the best quality for you at the best price.

Which autoresponder is the best? Our Top 3 Picks





Deliverabiliy rate




Num of contacts

From 1000 to 100,000

Up to 500 for the free plan. Up to 25,000 for the pro plan. Over 25,000 for the personalized plan


Servers location





German, English, Spanish, French , Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian.




Basic: from $15  / month Plus: from $49 / month Pro: from $99  / month Max: custom pricing

Free: Free Pro: from $ 16.15 per month. Custom pricing available for high volumes

The price is defined according to the number of contacts: $ 20 / month for 500 contacts; $ 150 / month for 10,000 contacts

Cust. Service

By email and chat

By phone, email and chat (in English only).

By email

Why choose Getresponse ?


There is a 30 day trial available to try out the plan you want. It offers an optimal deliverability rate and its reliability is well established.

The interface is available in several languages including French. Customer service is very responsive, reachable by email and chat in several languages including French.

Getresponse integrates with PayPal, WordPress, Shopify , ClickBank and many other services for ease of use.

The basic automation functions are available from the basic plan. The offers adapt to needs and are scalable.

You can read our in-depth review of get response here.

Why choose Aweber ?


Aweber offers a 30-day free trial with all the features available.

You can integrate it with PayPal and other tools. Migration is free.

Its functionalities allow it to be used in the context of online commerce. You have access to webinars and masterclasses from the free plan.

Features are improved and updated regularly, more are added to meet evolving customer needs.

The Aweber autoresponder has 24/7 live customer service by phone, Email or Chat.

Why choose Klaviyo ?


Klaviyo is an autoresponder optimized for e-commerce. It offers many features in this direction. Its interface and use are easy to learn.

Integrates with tools useful for e-commerce and especially with Shopify but also with various social networks like Facebook.

Offers personalized product recommendations to customers. Also allows to automate SMS. Customer service is available by email in English.

In summary

For complete solutions, with a medium or large budget

  • Getresponse is certainly the most complete autoresponder, with the most features and which adapts to any business and need.
  • AWeber is a safe bet because it has been present in the autoresponder landscape for many years and has an excellent reputation. You are unlikely to be disappointed with this autoresponder.

For e-commerce or dropshipping

  • Klaviyo is a great autoresponder if you are in e-commerce. Its features are optimized to develop your online store. It integrates perfectly with shops and payment solutions.

And you, what is your favorite autoresponder?