How To Make Money Online In South Africa – 8 Ways To Earn R5,000+

By Iam B

Jan 27
how to make money online in south africa

Hey, Welcome to You landed here probably because you are looking for how to make money online in South Africa.

Well you are in luck as the digital revolution has offered incredible opportunities in recent years.

With the development of the internet, it is now possible to do business online and earn no less than R5000 every day. However, this assumes knowing what to do and how to go about it. 

For the majority of South Africans, online ventures are still far fetched. The truth is that there are thousands of entrepreneurs making a living online.

How can I make money from home in South Africa?

Earning extra money online in South Africa in 2021 is not only possible but it's never been so straightforward.

There are countless of resources available to you to get started online and make your first sale in no time.

In this article, I am detailing the most popular and proven ways to start making money online.

I have highlighted 8 in total as following:

  1. Build Niche Websites
  2. Resell Hosting Plans
  3. Sell physical products on Amazon/Ebay
  4. Offer translation services
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Sell Digital Products
  7. Being a Consultant
  8. Ecommerce or Dropshipping

Let's take a closer look at each of these opportunities.

Build Niche Websites

To earn up to R5000 or more a day , you can take an interest in niche sites . Niche sites are websites like any other, but with the particularity that they are targeted to a small market. 

This could be, for example, the market for feeding infants aged between 0 and 5 months.

Niche sites make it possible to automatically earn 5 or even 7 figures online.

All you have to do is choose the ideal niche, and apply the best methods of making a profit.

At the strategic level, it will therefore be mainly a question of:

  • To select a niche site that has a high volume of searches on search engines like Google for example;
  • To offer quality content on your platform;
  • To optimize its SEO to be sure to appear in the first results of search engines;
  • To offer profitable products likely to conquer the heart of your audience;

The main thing is the quality of your niche site. If chosen the right way, with the right tools, you are sure to end up with a lot of money every month. Enough to improve the quality of your daily life

Resell Hosting Plans

resell hosting plans

Did you know that you can have your own hosting company or platform and sell hosting plans to customers? This is called white labelling e.g you become a reseller of a well established web hosting company.

You will operate under your own brand.

Indeed, you can provide a web hosting service for all those who wish to host their websites. Not only will they pay for their hosting, but also they will be forced to renew the service as to not lose their website.

Losing their site and its asset is unthinkable given that their websites are part of their communication strategy. People who want hosting are safe customers.

It is therefore an option that you should seriously consider. Providing a quality web hosting platform that is necessary for potential clients' business is a great way to make money fast.

The more customers you have who solicit your platform, the more easily you will earn money. 

Sell Physical Products on Amazon/eBay

One of the best ways to earn R5000 per day , or even more, is to sell physical products on online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Selling on the internet is an interesting opportunity to easily earn money working from home.

Here all you have to do is buy products at super low prices from a specialist supplier, which you will then resell on Amazon and eBay for a profit. This is called products arbitrage.

The advice you should apply is to find really cheap quality products and order in bulk. This will help you understand that you will need to have some money up front to invest.

For professionals, the two main market places are Aliexpress and Alibaba. There you will find international suppliers in any field that can allow you to make money.

From computer components, to the food industry, through the clothing industry, you can choose any market of interest.

Create new accounts, send requests for additions to all the people who are fans of websites specializing in the sale of products similar to yours.

Email them featuring your products, set up a fan page, and build links with your ads. You will see how selling online is a great way to earn extra income every day

Offer Translation Services

Speaking several languages gives you a chance to earn at least R5000 per month on the internet with translation.

Indeed, if you speak and understand languages like English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, etc. you can translate texts written in these languages to make money.

Several professionals are looking for translators on a daily basis. Whether it is the translation of articles or websites, these are services which are in great demand, and people will pay big money per month.

If you have the right skills, then wait no longer! Go to search engines like Google, search for translator jobs, and email your CV to all the professionals who offer translation jobs online.

You can also respond to advertisements posted on the Upwork and Freelancer sites. Search for "translator" in the "find work" category, then apply to all jobs posted there.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn more than R5000 per day, affiliation is also a solution. With affiliation, the principle is simple.

You praise the merits of one or more products that you liked. You can do this through the Amazon partner program for example. From that moment, you will receive between 3 to 10% of the sale price on each product sold on Amazon.

Another possibility is to redirect all your visitors to the site of an advertiser with whom you are affiliated. This is for example what an affiliate network like Clickbank offers. In return, you will receive a fixed commission for each registration recorded following a redirect to the site of a partner advertiser.

With affiliation, the financial gains are very often variable and can increase very quickly. If you are looking for how to earn R5000 or more per day, this solution is definitely one of the option you should consider.

Sell Digital Products

This is a way that is one of the most profitable solutions allowing you to build up additional income and supplement your month ends. Selling a digital product saves a lot of money today.

This is the case of an e-book written on a very specific subject, such as stress, fortune, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc.,

The ebook should provide a solution to the user's need or problem. It may sell well online, but you'll have to be very sharp and well-equipped.

Writing an e-book takes a lot of work. You have to have an impeccable visual , a well-sketched structure, and a fairly sales-oriented and effective speech. Once everything is in order, now you have to wait and see if things are going well for you.

Another solution is to turn the e-book into videos. This time around, the concept can take the form of full training on how to solve a problem.

You can also ask your visitors to subscribe to your various links in order to receive, for example, a video every week on a topic that you have selected.

Being a Consultant

being a consultant

If you have knowledge of web marketing, network marketing, internet project management, or branding, etc. then you can very well get paid for your advice, and find a way to earn R5000+ per day.

For example, you can offer your expertise in the following areas: budget coaching, nutrition, online marketing, seduction, personal development, etc.

If this approach makes it possible to earn a living on the internet or offline, it is not accessible to everyone. In addition to being very competent, it will be necessary to be a good teacher and very passionate before deciding to offer his services as a professional consultant online.

If you feel that you are made for this job, you have the possibility of working from home or freelance, and of monetizing your services at an even more interesting hourly rate, than you could not have had as an employee of a structure.

To have your first customers, you have to put in the maximum effort. And over time, things will get easier for you. From then on, you will benefit from a conquered clientele and recommendations by word of mouth.

There are specialized sites that require you to start as a trainer insofar as you will have the opportunity to make yourself known, to talk about your know-how to people who will also be interested in your expertise. If you don't want to be self-employed, you can decide to work for a consulting firm that will find you clients.

Ecommerce or Dropshipping

ecommerce or dropshipping

Get started in e-commerce! In recent years, e-commerce has exploded. The number of South Africans who place orders with online stores every year continues to grow. 

Many of them want to receive the products ordered online at home. Most items can be bought on e-commerce sites. Tablets, computers, clothing, electronics, cosmeticsā€¦ in short, there is plenty to find and easily earn a lot of money.

By selling online, you eliminate the need to have a physical store, or to hire employees on occasion.

With just R1000, it is quite possible today to get into e-commerce in South Africa. 

You will earn money by buying products in a country like China, to then resell them in South Africa.

Some people decide to develop their own website for selling product online. This is not an easy task for the non technical folks. 

However, you can leverage platforms like Shopify. Shopify allows you to set up an e-commerce site without first having any computer knowledge. 

Once you have your store created on Shopify, you will need to drive traffic to your pages. You can do so by buying ads on platforms like Facebook and Google.

A final option is to rely more on the power of a market place. This is the case with Amazon, which offers to take care your products delivery in return for a commission.

Even if marketplaces tend to be more competitive over time, they continue to give you a better visibility on the internet.


In the era of digital technologies, we no longer need to rack our brains to earn money and make ends meet. As we have seen in this article, there are many ways to earn at least R5000 per day on the internet in South Africa. For further reading, consult our article on How To Make 10 Dollars a Day.

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