The Number 1 Business Model To Launch

By Iam B

Aug 19
the number one business model to launch

I’ve spent a lot on Facebook ads, launched massive social media campaigns, and earned some money in product launches - but if I lost it all tomorrow and had to start from nothing...

I would build an Email Business (AKA List building or Email Marketing).

Nothing trumps Email Marketing when it comes to the returns it provides.

Business Model = Email Marketing + Affiliate Marketing

Here is why I think this is the #1 Business Model to launch.

You don’t need your own products. Seriously. Just promote other products as an affiliate.

There’s very Minimal risk. The only investment you need is for an autoresponder, a landing page software, and for driving traffic.

You are Not Spending Months building a team and processes, writing sales messaging, getting merchant accounts and hiring people.

You can literally take Any of the 10,000+ Products out there on Clickbank or other affiliate networks and start making commissions instantly.

It has the Fastest potential of churning out profit and becoming a long-term business.

And the best part?

You get to make 50% to 75% commission just for referring a click. And what happens beyond that is not your responsibility.

  • No customer support hassles...
  • No worries about delivering the product properly...
  • No employees to worry about paying...

So, in summary, Fast execution, Simple model and quick returns.

Here are the 5 Steps involved as illustrated by the earlier diagram in this post:

1- You need traffic that you would send to

2- Your 1 page website or Squeeze page aka landing page where you offer something free of value in exchange of their email address.

3- Visitors get added to an autoresponder if they take you on your free offer.

4- They land on your Thank You Page where they can download your free offer and they also get exposed to a low price product (for you to earn affiliate commission if they buy through your link).

5-Automated emails are sent to your visitors who opted in to share more value based content and also occasional promotions.

Here you have it! The #1 Business Model To Launch.

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