Google Adsense Authority Site Case Study Month 8 to 10

By Iam B

Jul 01

Months 8 to 10 Update: 
I started this content site based on other successful stories about low competition keywords. More importantly rank on page 1 of google without any form of backlinking.

My Goals for Months 8 to 10 (April, May, June 202) were:

  • Optimize articles for better rankings.
  • Build more internal links.
  • Build more social profiles/properties to increase brand trust
  • Publish at least 50 more articles.

My Results for April, May, June 2022:

  • I published 58 articles, slightly above the planned 50. My total articles count is now 158 with 116, 667 wordcount.


  • Although most of my metrics are on the rise, I have not reached a level of traffic allowing me to monetize the site properly


  • I built more internal links to strengthen some of my articles.


  • I also created few social media properties to increase brand trust. Indeed, I created a facebook page, a youtube channel (no videos posted yet), a pinterest profile and a tumblr account.


  • I created some IFTT recipes to automatically update my facebook page as well as tumblr posts. These build some social activities around my website/brand. The also embed some external links back to my site but they are all no follow.

Indexing Issue on Google

As mentioned in my previous update, many of my posts were discovered by Google but not indexed. Sometimes during late May 2022 things started to pick up again from an indexing perspective. I have a good ratio of indexed posts now. Which explains the spike in impressions.


From April till June 2022 Google search console shows the following:



According to Ahrefs I have more than 1.2k keywords ranking with only 66 of them on page 1 of google for the USA. The few backlinks showing up here are some scraping sites copying my content and linking back to the source.






Build Links or Not? Competitors Analysis

From my results so far it’s clear that my site is not generating enough traffic to my liking even for a 9 months old site.

At this point I can conclude that my experiment proves that I can’t hit a target of making $$,$$$ with a brand new site built around content only without any link building campaigns.

I decided to check out the competition and see what they were doing as shown below.


As you can see, my top competitor has a website that is more than 2 years old with more than 400 backlinks to their site. Either acquired or not, the fact is that you need backlinks to increase your domain authority thus increasing your chances of ranking higher in the serps.

My Plan for July – August – September 2022

  • Optimize articles for better rankings.
  • Build more internal links.
  • Start external link building campaigns
  • Slow down on article publishing with 5-10 articles per month

I will be interested by your comments, feedback, insight.