Google Adsense Authority Site Case Study Month 4

By Iam B

Apr 16

Month 4 - Update

Happy New Year 2022 Everyone! May 2022 bring you health, happiness and success in your projects!

Month 4 – Update: I started this content site based on other successful stories about low competition keywords. More importantly rank on page 1 of google without any form of backlinking.

My Goals for Month 4 (December 2021) were:

  • Optimize articles for better rankings.
  • Build more internal links.
  • Publish at least 34 more articles.

My Results for December 2021:

I published 5 articles way under the initial 34 planned, bringing the total number of published articles to 68.

I have noticed that from mid-November well into December most of my posts/articles are not being indexed by Google.

62 of my posts are in the “Discovered – currently not indexed” status in Google Search Console. No apparent errors and no clue about what’s happening with the big G.

That took a toll on my articles production and publishing rate as I would like to figure out what’s happ.

Other bloggers in some sub reddit groups have reported a similar challenge. Some have successfully resolved their issue after building external links to those posts.

I am still resisting building links to the site as this would defy the whole purpose of this case study.

Published articles:
September 2021: 22
October 2021: 15
November 2021: 26
December 2021: 5

I have crossed the 50k published words count.


First or second week of December, I submitted the site to Bing Webmaster so getting a trickle of traffic from Bing as well.


I had 1.4K impressions, 40 clicks and 48 unique visitors.


The screenshot above is from the Google Site Kit dashboard on the site.

Impressions, clicks and number of unique visitors are on the rise.

The following screenshot is my traffic from Bing.

228 impressions, 7 clicks with an average position of 5.2


Ahrefs shows 10 backlinks from 8 referring domains. I did not build those links.



I have 95 keywords ranking with some slowing showing up on page 1 for the first time! Ranging from position 6-10. The search volume is low so is the traffic as per Ahrefs.


My Goals from January 2022 onward:

I intend to update this thread on a quarterly basis from January 2022 onward. My next update will be first week of April accounting for Jan-Feb-Mar.

The main reason for this change in strategy is because nothing exciting happens within 4 weeks beside me publishing articles and reporting on traffic.

I would like to have something more meaningful to report on such as challenges faces and how I overcame them.

For the next quarter:

  • Optimize articles for better rankings.
  • Build more internal links.
  • Understand and fix why some posts that are discovered but not indexed
  • Publish at least 50 more articles.