Google Adsense Authority Site Case Study Month 3

By Iam B

Apr 16

Month 3 update

Month 3 – Update: I started this content site based on other successful stories about low competition keywords. More importantly rank on page 1 of google without any form of backlinking.

My Goals for Month 3 (November 2021) were:

  • Optimize articles for better rankings.
  • Build more internal links.
  • Look for ways to increase the page speed for mobile devices.
  • Publish at least 34 more articles.

My Results for November 2021:

I published 26 articles (under the initial 34 planned but higher than my October output) bringing the total number of published articles to 63.

Although I have 63 total articles published, only 29 are indexed. I have checked with other bloggers and it seems to be a general problem with Google these days. Nothing I can do about it for now but wait for Google to catch up.

Published articles:
September 2021: 22
October 2021: 15
November 2021: 26

As pointed out before I am not expecting any revenue for a while so just focusing on publishing more content.


I had 670 impressions, 22 clicks and 43 unique visitors.


The screenshot above is from the Google Site Kit dashboard on the site.

Impressions, clicks and number of unique visitors are on the rise.

One of my main experiment is to assess whether I can rank on page 1 without building any links.

Funny enough when I check my site ahrefs it shows 4 backlinks from 3 referring domains.

I did not build these links. A closer look seems to indicate that these sites linked back to my site naturally, which is a good sign to be honest.



I have 39 keywords rankings but only 5 of those are on page 2 of google. No page 1 rankings yet.

My Goals for Month 4 (December 2021) are:

  • Optimize articles for better rankings.
  • Build more internal links.
  • Publish at least 34 more articles.