Google Adsense Authority Site Case Study Month 1

By Iam B

Oct 02
Month1 update

I decided to build a content site blogging about a niche with low competition keywords:

  • Publish as many low competition keywords optimized content as possible
  • No link building
  • See if the site can rank on page 1 and grow to a 5-figure site within 12 months or less

You can read more about the project and Month 0 here.

Initial Goals for Month 1

  • Niche selection, including assessment of income potential
  • Initial keyword research and site structure planning
  • Domain registration and web hosting
  • WordPress (site) setup
  • Initial 34 articles ordering and publishing

Traffic and Earnings Stats

month 1 stats

I had originally set out to publish 34 articles but as you can see from the stats above I only managed to publish 22.

I found out that you actually get what you pay for when it comes to outsourcing articles.

I had to rewrite most of the articles i got from my outsourcers hence impacting my initial plan.

The number of page views is relatively ok for a month old site although I am a bit disappointed that there was no actual click to the site. as you can see on the below screenshot:


SEO Strategies

I did not do any backlinking or whatsoever. Just some basic on-page seo.

I did not even write any meta description for my articles.

I just ensured that the keyword was repeated once in the article and that was it.

Marketing and promotions

As briefly mentioned, i did not do any outreach or backlinking campaign.

I noticed through Ahrefs that somehow i have 1 backlink. Upon further review it turned out to be a no follow link from a scraping site in my niche.


You will also notice that i already rank for 5 organic keywords according to ahrefs:


The traffic is neglectable but a good sign for sure.

Google Page Speed

My testing show that i am doing better on desktop with a score of 93% while the mobile speed is at 79%.


Google Page Speed - Desktop


Google Page Speed Mobile

Goal for Month 2 - October 2021

  • Optimized articles for better rankings
  • Publish at least 34 more articles