Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet

By Iam B

Feb 16

Facebook is my main traffic source for my stores.

In this cheat sheet I assume that you already know the basics of Facebook e.g how to create a campaign and so forth.

Here is what I do when testing a new product with Facebook Ads:

Step 1 – Create a Page Post Engagement (PPE) campaign targeting worldwide with at least 3 ad creative (videos or images). The objective of this step is to find the best creative to use in subsequent steps.

If using a video ad creative, let it run until you reach 100k views at 3s. Your best creative will be the one that generates more comments, share, likes, add to cart and if you are lucky some sales.

If using an image ad creative, wait until you get 10k impressions/reach.

Set the adset daily budget at $5 or $10 depending on what you can afford. You should reach your goal within few 1-2 days (sometimes within hours).

Make sure that you set the language to “English all”.

Note that at this stage, the goal is not to get sales but rather test your creative to find the best one. Any sale would be a cherry on the cake.

Step 2 – Using your best creative from Step 1, create a Website Conversion campaign with Purchase objective.

Target Tier 1 countries or USA if you wish (USA is the biggest market for online buyers).

Here you want to create 10 adsets, with each adset targeting one single interest. Set the budget at $10 (you could use $5 but it would take you longer to achieve any tangible results).

You are expected to make some sales at this stage. Your CPM will be lower as you would have built social proof in step 1.

Leave placements on automatic and use “7 day click 1 day view” as conversion window.

Note: some marketers suggest using Facebook and Instagram feeds only as placement. What works for me is to leave it as automatic then drill down later during the scaling phase (after few sales).

Let it run for 7 days or so but monitor your campaigns every day to keep your costs under control.

Step 3- Build some custom audiences of the people who viewed your video 95%.

Do the same for Add to Cart (ATC) and Top 25% Visitors by time spent.

Now create a Look alike audience based on each of the custom audiences. Do it for the countries you had the best results in e.g sales.

Here you have it: 3 simple steps for quickly testing new products with Facebook Ads.

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