How To Build a Shopify Store  
The Right Way
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Top 10 shopify stores

Does this business model work? You bet it does! Here is list of top 10 Shopify store classified by popularity and the amount of traffic they get. Go check them out to see how they look like and study for your own project.

You can ignore the first one on the list as it’s shopify’s own domain which host all the stores.

You can get the same list by visiting the site and looking up the site or domain


My 22 days experiement - $1,121.57 in revenue

Here is a screenshot of my one my stores during a 22 day experiment I run for 1 product.  This was from January 1 – 23, 2019 (not much happened on the 23rd).

I made $1,121.57 in 22 days. My sales were still going strong but I had to stop the advertisement because of the Chinese new year fast approaching. I did not want to deal with angry customers with delayed parcels deliveries. Indeed Chinese suppliers tend to close for 2-3 weeks during the Chinese New Year.


Note that this was a General store for which I run a specific campaign for 1 product. No major optimization as you can notice by the conversion rate and I did not even scale the campaign.

My main traffic source was Facebook.


Next steps

 Build your first store and start running some traffic to it. I recommend either Instagram Marketing or Facebook. If you need help with your Facebook Marketing and or building you store, contact me at and I will be happy to assist.


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